Import CSV

When importing data in DBase31 from CSV file, the following specific format is mandatory:

-separator is ";" (not configurable for now).

-the 2 first lines are used to describe the [Fields]:

1)the first line contains Field names. [Field] name must be unique.

2)the second line contains Field types. Supported types are: text, area, date, image.

  • "text" is free text (this is the default type).
  • "textarea" is free text, and will be displayed in a textarea.
  • "date" must match format YYYY-MM-DD (ex: 2011-04-19)
  • "image" contains the image file name. The file must be jpg, or png. The file must be present in a specific directory, next to the imported CSV file. This "images" directory must be suffixed with "_data".

ex: For a CSV file named "data01.csv", and an image field value: "image01.png",
the relative path is: "data01_data/image01.png".

So the global file structure would be:



You can import data to a "new" [Library], or you can merge data [Items] to an existing [Library]!
The first [Field] in the CSV file is used to identify [Items].
When "merge data" is turned on, if a matching [Item] is found in the selected [Library], new [Fields] will be created in the [Library], while existing [Fields] will be updated (including empty values).

When importing CSV data, 2 [Fields] are automatically created (and empty):

  • “Title” is the Field used as *label* in the List of Items,
  • and “ImageID” is used as *icon*

These 2 [Fields] can be deleted if not needed.
To finalize the import, [Field] to display in the List must be configured.
To do so, open the List configuration window (the bottom white icon in the List panel), and choose the menu item “Display”: here select which Field to use as *label*, *icon* and *info*.



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