DBase “How To”


  • How it works:

*The screen displays 2 areas:
-the List panel (on the left)
-the Item data panel (on the right)

*Data is organized around [Libraries], [Items] and [Fields].
Supported [Field] types are:

-Text (single line)
-Text Area
-Check Box
-List (single selection)
-Multi-List (multi-selection)
-[Item] reference (with hyperlink)
(more to come...)

*Use Search popup (top-left icon) to retrieve data across all [Libraries].

*Use "List Options" popup (bottom-middle icon in the List area) to configure:

-List view
-Sort options
-Search options

*Use "Options" popup (bottom-right wheel icon) to access advanced functionalities:

-Export/Import CSV

  • How to edit or add a new [Field]:

-select (or create) a [Library]
-select (or create) an [Item]
-click "Edit" button (top right zone)
-click "Fields" button (top right zone)
=> the list of [Fields] is displayed in the [List] panel.

Click "+" button to create a new [Field]

Click a [Field] name to edit (edit name, options)

  • How to delete an [Item]:

-select an [Item]
-click "Edit" button (top right zone)
-click "Delete" button (top right zone), and click again to confirm.

  • How to configure a [Field] of type "List":

-select (or create) an [Item]
-click "Edit" button (top right zone)
-click "Fields" button (top right zone)
-click a [Field] of type "List" to edit
=> the [Field] edit popup is displayed.

On the right part use button "+" and "-" to add or remove "List" items.

To rename an item, select it, and change its name in the text input area. Use keyboard "Enter" key to save.

  • How to backup data:

-open "Options" panel (bottom right icon)
-select category "System"
-click "Backup" to create a backup file
-click "Restore" to restore data from the backup file.

Note: only one backup file is managed by DBase. Creating a new backup file will replace the previous one.

  • How to export CSV data:

Each [Library] can be exported individually in a CSV file.
-first line contains [Fields] names.
-images data are exported in a specific directory next to the CSV file, which contains relative path as field value.

Note: on iPad to retrieve the exported files, use iTunes and browse for application DBase specific files. Then select directory "NextGen31" directory and click "Save as...": this will save all the exported data to your computer.

  • How to Import CSV data

Check the dedicated page: Import CSV 

  • How to Import data from DBase (free) to DBase31:

To import data from DBase (free version):

  • 1) in DBase (free) perform a backup with "Options/File System/Backup";
  • 2) then in DBase31, select "Options/Import DBase".

  • How to configure Search

To have a Field included in a search process, the Field must be declared as "Searchable" in the Library configuration popup

To do so, select a Library, and click on the configuration icon (bottom white icon). In the List options popup, select "Search" item in the list box, and you'll see all Fields part of the current Library. Just check (set to "on") the Fields you want to include in the Search process.



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